W O R D T H E O L O G I C A L S E M I N A R Y (Coming Fall 2021)

Please take a moment to consider what we will have to offer!

At Word Theological Seminary you will receive the same training as the most educated Christian ministers, clergy, pastors, and professors for a much lower cost. Many ministers attend lower-cost, non-accredited Bible Institutes and Colleges for training in ministry and education in the Bible and Theology because they have a strong desire to serve God and help other people. The more “bang for their buck,” the better it is for the Kingdom of God, leaving resources to fund their ministry and living expenses. Still many opt to attend the most popular colleges and seminaries, paying top dollar to do so—many times thousands of dollars per course. Our unique degree programs rival the nation’s top seminaries, at a much lower cost than non-degree granting Bible Institutes.

At Word Theological Seminary, we believe that every Christian is called to study and learn God’s Word (II Timothy 2:15), to minister the gospel to the lost and God’s Word to the Body of Christ, as God supplies each one with various abilities (1 Peter 4:11), and to grow up in all things, seeking to be like the Lord Jesus in every way, mature and perfect, lacking no good thing, and that includes the best education and training available, resulting in adequately and accurately informed minds. Every disciple of Jesus Christ is a minister of His gospel and His Word. Are you equipped? Stand by for enrollment opening Fall 2021.

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